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Heidi Vincent’s unique vocal styling’s in Alternative Pop-Rock open the doors of your mind and leave you with an odd familiarity that you can’t quite place. The Langley, BC native returned to her musical inclinations “after being gone for at least 4 years and desperately missing being creative, especially the writing and singing.

Heidi’s new album, “Something Borrowed, Something Blue”, has been released in March of 2011. “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is a collection of songs recorded in 2005 that Heidi never released, plus a couple new songs for good measure. Heidi talks about this new release, “I had this amazing group of songs just sitting there…they were there to be enjoyed, remixed and brought to life with some current sounds.” Heidi is capturing spirit here rather than any specific style and that is the point.

The title of Heidi’s second album isn’t about picking a name, it’s a state of mind. “I wanted to remind myself of the purity of music at that time of my life and the feeling that was with me, when I wrote and sang for music itself. I was excited about it all,” says Heidi Vincent. Initially unsatisfied with the vocal stylings, Heidi shelved it as a growing experience. “Now listening back, I realized this was such a happy period of my life even if I wasn’t where I wanted to be commercially at the time. I really put joy and sincerity into the recording. The long hours tracking the instruments, well into the night for weeks. Then, the process of listening back to the takes and the emotional satisfaction when you know That Was The One.”

B-Stuart Derdeyn, the Music Editor for the Province, said of Heidi, “Heidi Vincent has a strong pure voice and a sense for those slightly off-kilter hooks that stick in your head on one hearing. “Shape I’m In”, a slightly twisted love song is getting satellite radio airplay. The rest of the CD could, too. A fine direct disc!”

The album is being released under Heidi’s own Indie label, Handsome Records, and is co-produced by Vic Levak (Balligomingo) who also plays guitar on the work. Other such reverent artists on the album are Jerry Wong (Damn The Diva & Loverboy), Tony Marriott, Dori Chee, Sefi Brown & Ophir Abe (Guidance), Giraldo Dominelli (Loverboy, Paul Dean) & Keith MacKenzie.

So what has Heidi Vincent been up to in the meantime? In addition to working full-time and being a mom, Heidi is currently working on her third album. She is also working out the details on releasing some children’s books that will be accompanied by her music. Since 2005, Heidi has performed all along the West Coast of the United States. She has been heard on XM Satellite radio on the Starbucks “HearMusic” Channel 75 and featured on Breakfast Television in Vancouver with Fiona Forbes and Michael Ekford.

Heidi is also plugged into various music sites and services on the Internet such as iTunes, iLike, CDBaby, Last FM and Amazon.com. Her songs have been chosen to accompany TV shows, most notably, Biography – Genesis/Oasis for Jude Law and Woody Harrelson. You will often find Heidi, guitar-in-hand, writing new music or networking with friends and fans on her computer.

What Others are Saying…

“But Vincent is a bit mysterious, too. Her voice tugs at some past memory strings, reminding
one of a great crooner from the past. The crooner’s name seems just out of memory’s grasp until you realize it’s her own unique voice built on the rock-solid base of the old music industry greats”. Jean Sorenson – Journalist REM Magazine

“Vincent has a remarkable vocal versatility that is powerful and demands, she captures the listener immediately.” Russ Elliott – President @ Musicaldiscoveries.com New York/USAT

“The genre is pop rock and the quality is topnotch! With a voice seemingly created to sing lead vocals, this artist is also backed with a great band! Wally – DGM Publishing / Scout’s Digest

“Extraordinary modern Rock with wonderful Female vocals that are warm, powerful & real. Roger Vincent Tari – President: VT Music / Music Of The World

“The real showstopper is Vincent’s mesmerizing vocal styling. Heidi takes on a candy-coated,
Sexy girl trill in one moment and then captivates you with a powerful, dripped in silk vocal
the next.” Samantha Donen – Music Editor: Vail Trail.

You can find “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” & “Happy Now” right here at http://www.heidivincent.com, CDBaby and also here: iTunes USA, iTunes CDA, Amazon.com, e-Music, Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace, Spotify, Last FM, and Liquid Digital, Verizon V-Cast, Shockhound, Nokia, Zune, Medianet (formerly MusicNet), Tradebit, GreatIndieMusic, Thumbplay, ReverbNation, iLike, Twitter, YouTube, CBC Radio3, New Music Canada, Canadian Showoff and Facebook of course.

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