“Am I the only one?”

We’ve all had bad relationships, or good ones turn bad… Sometimes you can be “in slumber” within a relationship with someone you love, someone you trusted, someone who now gaslights you. The relationship could destroy who you Truly are, because you don’t want to be alone. “Am I the Only One” written in 2006 isContinue reading ““Am I the only one?””

Locations & Ideas Needed – Vancouver Area

I would like to do another 🎶 album cover & promotional material. I’d love to hear some of your ideas. ☺️🎶🎼🥰. ie: beaches, ocean, city, graffiti, photographers, hair & makeup,,,, Please leave a post for me with your location and promo ideas, I’d really appreciate it!

Age is Just a number – challenge your conceptions

I’ve turned 49 today and although that is one year shy of half a century, I do not feel what “49” used to mean. As a tween in the 80’s, both sets of my grandparents were approximately 59. When people turned 50 in that era their birthdays unequivicably came with some comments and complaining ofContinue reading “Age is Just a number – challenge your conceptions”

Annie Git Yer Gun

I was lucky to have met some pretty cool American 🇺🇸 friends a while back while training in a stunt school. They taught me to shoot a number of different weapons, including a type of hand gun used in Desert Storm. Picture below. If you could name It I’d be pretty happy! I can’t rememberContinue reading “Annie Git Yer Gun”

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