My Veganism Journey

Please watch this clear and informative video, at the bottom of my post, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney called “If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls, Everyone Would Be Vegetarian” on the inhumane practices around the world to factory-farmed animals. He also touches on health and climate factors. I adapted this from my fiance’s post but IContinue reading “My Veganism Journey”

Vancouver Casting – Level Up II

A couple of months ago I had the distinct privilege of working with these two spectacular women; Deborah Barnes and Murdine Hirsch at Vancouver Casting’s “Next Level” workshop. It is designed to help you feel more comfortable with your auditions. Just recently I opted in to the follow up workshop “Level Up” with the everContinue reading “Vancouver Casting – Level Up II”

Photoshoot Gems!

I found these gems! I remember this day well, so much fun. Photoshoot by Jana Vackova at Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC. I’ll post a few more of these goodies later. I love these incredibly talented guys and I was so fortunate to have been able to collaborate with them on my albums 🙂 I wouldContinue reading “Photoshoot Gems!”

New Voice Over Page

The music industry has presented me with many blessings over the past 20 years, for which I am extraordinarily grateful.  In 2018, in pursuit of further artistic endeavour’s, it was my distinct privilege to have the opportunity to partner with Lee Tockar; 2017 Leo award winner for best performance in animation. We created two new shortContinue reading “New Voice Over Page”

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