Something Borrowed Something Blue – 7 Days

This is one of my favourites off my Something Borrowed Something Blue album, for many reasons. It’s such a simple song, simple melody, simple lyrics about love and the beautiful tragedy of human frailty. I feel like the writer is mended somehow with the Baby Grand piano pieces throughout. The vinyl needle static is pureContinue reading “Something Borrowed Something Blue – 7 Days”

Recording “Happy Now” in Vancouver, BC

The creation of “Happy Now” the album was a spectacular experience. I was honoured to work with some of the best musicians, producers, studio’s and crew. There is something so special about recording music. You have a chance to explore all the avenues of how you feel the song should sound. All art is aContinue reading “Recording “Happy Now” in Vancouver, BC”

Excited to hear about some of my songs recently placed in TV shows!

Two days ago, I discovered that my song “Stay If You Want To” was used in the Biography of Woody Harrelson and an episode with Jude Law which I am waiting to hear which song was placed. “The Only One” was used in the TV show Pimp My Ride for the episode of Shonda Rime’sContinue reading “Excited to hear about some of my songs recently placed in TV shows!”

New Music Photo’s

I’ve just uploaded a few live & promo shot pictures. Check them out in Media then Photo’s.

The Power of Positivity

All of us have the privilege and responsibility of choosing our attitudes, no matter what the circumstances or situations we find ourselves in. The key word is “choosing.” Attitudes don’t just happen, they are the products of our choices. Joyce Meyer – Power Thoughts I am loving this book. I have watched many of Joyce’sContinue reading “The Power of Positivity”

International Audio Visual Placement!

I am getting more audio visual/ TV, Cinema & Cable placement! To God from my “Happy Now” album has been placed throughout the international program “One Hour Special” on Genesis! Biography continues to use “Star” for the Jude Law episode. I recorded “Star” in two different versions. One in major chords with a pop feel.Continue reading “International Audio Visual Placement!”

Hit License – Promote Your Music

I want to let all my musician/singer-songwriter, composer friends of mine of a license company that has helped me achieve international recognition. I’ve had my music on several TV shows, various films and I couldn’t be happier with the service and the results. I’m not being paid for this, I know there are not aContinue reading “Hit License – Promote Your Music”

Warm Up Your Voice – Reduce Stress on Vocal Cords

Singers are like athletes – they need to warm up before they perform. Warm-up exercises will make sure your voice is ready to perform. Rebecca Lodge – BBC Choir Singer shares some tips. Warm up your voice Warm up your voice to avoid straining and damaging your vocal cords. Always take a deep breath beforeContinue reading “Warm Up Your Voice – Reduce Stress on Vocal Cords”