Thank you Hawaii!

EXTREME HAWAIIAN ESCAPES has included the tracks “Happy Now” and “Vietnam” in their recent episode on “TROP” and “SLICE” 🙂 Recent International Programming BIOGRAPHIES for GENESIS, FLIPPING OUT (Episode 306) and PIMP MY RIDE (Episodes 106 & 110) have included the tracks “To God” “Star” “Fade” and “The Only One”!!! I’m pretty happy 🙂 LifeContinue reading “Thank you Hawaii!”

Finding MY Flow

My dear friend Jody Quine introduced me to a wonderful series of meditation with Deepak and Oprah a few months ago. I did the meditation at night. I found clarity in my thinking, more restful sleep and increased energy. It was a subtle but noticeable experience. Deepak and Oprah have a new series called “Finding your Flow” and IContinue reading “Finding MY Flow”

“Motivation – What drives you?”

My journey in life has brought me here to you.  I have shared the creations of my music from beginning to end with people who have so much talent and who made it so enjoyable, I am forever grateful. I have been blessed. We are always expanding our consciousness through our dreams, our faith andContinue reading ““Motivation – What drives you?””

Heidi Vincent Music on Biography

Biography Channel has been using my song “Star” for the JUDE LAW episode for over a year now! Another SOCAN deposit today. Thank you SOCAN! Thank you Biography! Thank you creativity! I’m looking for a creative project where I can sing, co-write and play out around. Message me if you have a such an opportunity!

Green Tea, Curcumin & Resveratrol

I really liked the CBC radio information interview with Chris Killham I’ve just heard. I’ve ordered this product today for a number of reasons. On a physical platform, I will let you know how I feel/how it works for my energy & clarity. And, in 50 years, if I’m still alive you may know howContinue reading “Green Tea, Curcumin & Resveratrol”

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