My Birthday 2014

After all my Birthday wishes and love today via phone, here on my official website and on Facebook, I must say; “Life is good.” To my love, Simon Posener, I love you for all that you are. Thank you all for the wishes, I am touched and extremely grateful for your moments and your thoughts. IContinue reading “My Birthday 2014”

Be The Change You Want To See – Ghandi

I have to echo what my dear friend Jody Quine has posted with respect to sharing personal things in life on facebook and yet focusing on sharing an authentic experience with you. I will echo as well her thoughts on trying to find her path and illuminating something positive to pass on. In her experienceContinue reading “Be The Change You Want To See – Ghandi”

New Year Evolutions and Developments

Hello My Beautiful’s, which essay writing service is the best So we are back from the Mayan Riviera and settled into life. I miss the smells, the locals, the sand, beaches and palm trees already. I’ve recently been certified as a Personal Trainer to supplement my income. I’ve also just been certified with my newestContinue reading “New Year Evolutions and Developments”

Rise Up To Your Occasion

Hello my Dears, Recently, I have been given a gift. It's a very special gift that requires complete and utter obedience to the idiom “The pressure is good for you.” “Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.”- Malcolm Forbes advises. The portion of Malcolm's sentiment “that stuck to theirContinue reading “Rise Up To Your Occasion”

More Personal Blog for Heidi Vincent

Question? The much too early death of my mother birthed my need of expression in the form of writing and singing music. I want to open up and be more personable with you and in my life, not guarded. Your thoughts are always interesting. Is discussing the passing of my mother within the framework of myContinue reading “More Personal Blog for Heidi Vincent”

Heidi on Coop RadioBandcouver 100.5

Click HERE to hear me and several other musicians for March 6 on 100.5 FM. Listen to SHE-BOOM 2:30-4pm Mondays. The latest and greatest women in music. Featuring all female artists, from local to international, that means me! Thank you Mark Bignall! Live Streaming HERE Support our local radio stations, who support our local community including our local musicians! BecomeContinue reading “Heidi on Coop RadioBandcouver 100.5”

Pimp My Ride, Extreme Hawaiian love Heidi

Fantastic! I just love good news. college essay writing services if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link8751″).style.display=”none”;} I've recently been informed Stay if you Want, To God and several other songs of mine have been placed in several & multiple episodes of various television, video & cinema shows domestically, as well as International Audio Visual shows! Singapore to theContinue reading “Pimp My Ride, Extreme Hawaiian love Heidi”

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