From the Attic – Review of Happy Now!

While I wait for my 2 previous albums to upload into the #NEW distribution comp AND in preparation of my new single, “#Dear #ADHD” (release date to be announced), here is a #review of my album “Happy Now” from the Attic – 5 🌟 – Audrey Elliot. Thanks Russ! #🎶#🎙️🌟 See full article at #NewYork,#NYContinue reading “From the Attic – Review of Happy Now!”

🤍Happy Nunavut Day🤍

🤍After WWII My grandfather flew this twin prop boomcraft and his crew to Cambridge, NUNAVUT & then to Kittigazuit, NWT. The Inuit taught the pilots survival skills in the most extreme climatic conditions. He told me the Inuk people were beautiful, skilled, humorous and warm hearted. 🤍 #nunavut #inuit #inuk #igloos #survival #expanse #extreme #climateContinue reading “🤍Happy Nunavut Day🤍”

Kindness is Beautiful 💕🎶💕

🥰 Recent true story! Texted a new song idea scratch track in an iPhone recording to a friend who is an excellent musician and writer @davelettinga He confirmed he never got it 😂……. Reply from the new cell number owner,,, 🥰🎶 When people go out of their way to be kind or sweet makes myContinue reading “Kindness is Beautiful 💕🎶💕”

1050 m, 4.3 km. 💥❄️☃️ Training Day.

Went snowshoeing today. I jogged the entire loop! Fell once and tripped a lot at first but got the hang of it! I usually post my fitness activity on my personal training @hvultimatefitnessnutrition page 👊🏼 it was a beautiful day ❄️☃️☀️ and a new success, I’m sharing with you all as well. I only missedContinue reading “1050 m, 4.3 km. 💥❄️☃️ Training Day.”