“Dear ADHD” was really hard to write. I’m not used to being this open and discussing my disorder in such detail.

The vulnerability is both freeing and simultaneously provokes anxiety. I struggle a lot with ADHD associated symptoms.

I wrote “Dear ADHD” to give people a short, small tour of some of the experiences we, with ADHD, have. I’m sharing my experiences of emotions and how the world perceives me, that might not be so great. I have compensated throughout my life with masking, overachievement, people pleasing or developing a competitive nature. All of these were born of anxiety and feeling inadequate vs egomania. The compensations have their own negative effect layered on top of the already difficult disorder challenges. 

I wanted to create some awareness of how ADHD & its comorbidities can affect people who have it. But I also acknowledge ADHD’s beauty. I’m so very grateful for the positive characteristics of it such as creativity, thinking laterally & unconventionally, hyper focus & multitasking.

“Dear ADHD” has become one of my favourite and most imperfectly perfect songs I’ve created. There were other ways to approach the song but it is what I created in those moments. I’ve dipped into the well of creativity and it strengthened me. I am ready to record the next few songs on the table, keep tuned in!

This song is a super honest glimpse into my world. I really hope you like it and thank you ahead of time for your support! 

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