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“Happy Now” NOW!

“Happy Now” – my debut album! This album was my most favourite creation to write and sing. They were my first words, and I had so much to say! I was so excited to say it. This albums of songs flowed out of me as if by magic.

The best part of the design of this album was that it was created with friends, so it was fun to create, play instruments, sing and enjoy the process together.

There has been musical inspiration all around us for centuries. All the great writers, living and past, have influenced us for years. A great Canadian artist, Steve Bell, said something around the time that I wrote this, that really resonated with me. He said, and I paraphrase “God provides all the music, all the songs, they are out there floating around the universe waiting for you to tap in and grab them. But if you don’t connect to them, they just float by and Bruce Cockburn gets them.”

This quote has stayed with me since then and I use it to inspire my connection of expression. I have ADHD, so it’s hard to focus. It’s hard to concentrate and settle into the process. And, sometimes my inner censor can prevent the gift of creativity. So sometimes this quote comes to mind in these moments.

But once I get started, with my special super power hyperfocus, I can write a whole album in a week. That’s what happened with Happy Now. Even though it’s an older album, it’s stands the test of time for me. 💓 And that matters.

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