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Heidi Vincent is a singer, writer, musician & actor based out of Vancouver, BC.

Heidi has performed live in venues and on radio stations (Breakfast Television, Vancouver, BC). Heidi’s music can be found in numerous Films & TV shows around the world. Some of her songs on the debut album “Happy Now” and her follow up album “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” have international airplay via Satellite radio such as Starbucks Music Cafe and XM 75 The Sound of Starbucks as well as various other formats.

APRIL 2021: Heidi is delving into the exciting world of acting & voice acting.

SEPTEMBER 2022: Heidi is currently working on the release of a single from an upcoming & untitled as yet, 3rd album.

Heidi Vincent Albums

Happy Now

The Debut Album
Happy Now was recorded in Vancouver, BC. The drums & base were recorded at John McLean’s recording studio on West 7th Ave “The Factory.” Everything else was recorded at Shawn Cole’s studio Lab Monkey off Commercial Drive. Lead-off tracks were “Happy Now” “Vietnam” “Star” “Lullabye” with “Shape I’m In” being highlighted on Starbucks Channel 75 “HearMusic.”

Something Borrowed,
Something Blue

The Follow Up Album
“Something Borrowed, Something Blue” was recorded at Vic Levak’s “Hush” studio in Burnaby, BC. “Yellow” earned Heidi a featured spot on Breakfast Television (CTV) in Vancouver, BC. Lead-off tracks on the follow-up album were “Black Limousine” “Fade” and with “Star” & “Lullabye” being alternate versions of said songs off the debut album.

Canadian Music Week Sampler

A Sweet Sampler of Canadian Music
Heidi was invited to play her original songs at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, ON. This was a successful endeavor that landed her song Fade on the Canadian Music Week Festival compilation album.

Heidi Vincent Voice Over

Coming Soon!


Keep Checking!


Keep Checking!


Keep Checking!

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