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“Dear ADHD” NOW!

I wrote “Dear ADHD” to give a short small tour to life with ADHD. I wanted to share some of the coping mechanisms such as “masking” or “overcompensating” low self esteem with “people pleasing behaviour” for shame or trauma. I want to create awareness & insight of how serious & negatively ADHD & its comorbidities, like “rejection sensitivity” can affect us. 

That’s little me in the album artwork. My Gramma & Grampa took me to that campground for a little adventure after finding me walking around the neighbourhoods in Golden, BC. There was a CPR train track & the mighty Kicking Horse River mere yards away. Luckily, they found me safe! I had somehow, creatively & impulsively escaped from a home while my Mom was asleep.

When I recorded “Dear ADHD” in December 2022, it had been some time since recording in studio. I honestly forgot how to write and sing. I forgot how to trust in the creative flow and let that be the guide verses jumping in impatiently. It was such important and fantastic experience.  4 months after the release I see the alternate approaches musically & vocally however the truth is that is where I was in those moments. And, “Dear ADHD” has quite literally become one of my favourite imperfect songs. 

I recorded this album with producer Winston Hauschild at Treehouse Studios on one of the ever gorgeous, BC coastal islands. “Dear ADHD” was really hard to write for me. I’m not used to being this open and discussing my anxiety & insecurities in such detail. 

I want to relay gratitude to my many amazing & positive gifts I’ve received through my ADHD. The essence of ADHD talents lent to my life are qualities like creativity, thinking laterally & unconventionally, hyper focus & multitasking. It really is an exciting & beautifully creative  disorder that I now embrace. I hope you like my new song “Dear ADHD” & maybe it will resonate. Maybe it will help you understand that valuable friend or family member who has it. 

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