Which Version Resonates With You?

Lullabye” was the first professionally recorded song I had ever written, it holds a very special place in my heart. It was written in my little Kitsilano apartment on 5th & Balsam. I usually sit “criss cross applesauce” on the floor when I am writing a song. I still have the little sony recorder that I would record the various scratches with, different melody, different vocals and lyric ideas. I think there is still a tape cassette in it. 🙃. When I finished this song, I recorded the I recorded two versions of it.

The “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” album version of Lullabye has a deep, full, reverberating version of the instruments. Vic Levak added sweeping organic Piano melodies and then Violins. To listen to this version click here iTunes, SoundCloud & Spotify link! Thank you to Vik Levak for the production, mix, mastering and incredible musical talent and dedication. Thanks also to Hush Studio for such a positive experience!

Thank you to my beautiful friends in Isreal, Dori Chee – guitars, Ofir Abe – Drums & Sefi Brown – Base from the band “Guidance” for their amazing contribution to both versions of “Lullabye.” Those days spent with you all was Truly a magical time. All artwork by my talented friend Wayne Stadler.

The version on “Happy Now” has some drum loop and some pretty cool dirty, scratchy vinyl bits of programming in it by Gord Hillier. To listen to this alternate version click here iTunes & SoundCloud link! Thank you also to Shawn Cole for the programming, synth, production, engineering and your awesome little Commercial Drive Studio “Lab Monkey.” One of the best experiences I have had recording with excellent hooomans! Thanks to Jamie Sitar at Suite Sound Labs! Extra thanks to “Analog” Steve, Sheldon Zaharko, Hans Seyffarth, Josh Grimley and Travis Pasto.

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Tell me which version do you resonate more with and why?

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Love Heidi 🎶😄🎶

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2 thoughts on “Which Version Resonates With You?

  1. I like the “Happy Now” version. It has a little less “production” to it, which sits better with me considering the lyrical content.

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