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I received a flyer in my mailbox calling for auditions for the 2013 Variety’s Got Talent Fundraising event. I am so excited! They knew where to send the invite! Someone at Socan must have told them where to find me! I prepare the song and video in my head. I make dinner and play for a while with Truly and off to bed for her so I can focus on my plans. I read the flyer’s instructions: Pick a song, record it and upload it to them at the website. Easy right? So with Truly in bed I decorate my den so it doubles for a studio type backdrop and I press record and record and record again. I do this 24 takes. Some tracks I fumbled the guitar, some I fumbled my own words, some out of pitch and I just keep recording until I get the golden take! Ready, steady, go. 3 or 4 days later with same routine…

Got the take I think would be good! I get back to the site and start the upload process… and read the rules and regulations because they would be good to know,, right? and I come to this point in the regulations “contest open to BC residents (check-I’m a BC’an) ages 16 to 23” oooooh! I scramble,,, could I pass for 23? … uhm, close but no lol

So here is where I upload the video for your viewing pleasure and post these beautiful words “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill.

Well it wasn’t really a failure was it? With the exception of failing to read before I struck out on my venture… but if I had I wouldn’t have created the video. I wouldn’t have re-connected with an emotion of “this is where I can do most good, this is where I belong.” So I felt…. inspiration! Something I lose every now and then when life hits hard.

“What if you, too, were to greet every interaction in your life with the question ‘What’s the potential opportunity that this is?” Jack Canfield. “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”

So please go to the Variety The Children’s Charity website and donate or volunteer; there are so many ways to help. I also have a list here on my site with other charities you can support, ones that mean a lot to me,,, and to the recipient.

And, I’ll share with you my inspiration of this story that created this video of a song called “Star.”
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Bless you all,
Miss V


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