Website Launch for Heidi Vincent

Hello Girls & Boys!

Today, August 20, 2013 I am excited and happy to announce the launch of my Newly Designed Website! Please go to to view!

New format! New Video & Photo Pages! There is a New Community Page for my Special Causes that I support! There is also a new guest list! Make sure to check out my New Blog Page!

The first 5 people to sign up to my guest list will receive a free copy of “Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” the follow up to my debut album “Happy Now.” My guest list is where first press and exciting news regarding anything Heidi Vincent music news will be sent to you quarterly.

Otherwise, both albums are available at my New Online Shop! If you have an iTunes or CDBaby account, there are options for that too!

I will be fleshing my new site out over the next week, bringing over some past events and news from the previous site for historical and informative purposes.

I've got some great events and ideas being worked on like contests and swag coming soon. One step at a time. 🙂

Yours Truly,

Heidi Vincent

Website design: A special thank you to Jump Advertising & President Jeremy Board. Jump Advertising is an attentive, innovative and solution oriented company. Thank you for the great website Jeremy!


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