Finding MY Flow

My dear friend Jody Quine introduced me to a wonderful series of meditation with Deepak and Oprah a few months ago. I did the meditation at night. I found clarity in my thinking, more restful sleep and increased energy. It was a subtle but noticeable experience.

Deepak and Oprah have a new series called “Finding your Flow” and I want to share this with you!

Sign up for free at the Chopra Meditation Centre to experience for yourself.

This series I committed to getting up early and starting my day with the meditation. I was up at 6:30 this morning to meditate ,,,,,,, and then so was my 5 year old Truly lol

I will have to get up a tiny bit earlier tomorrow and I will re-do Day 1 meditation this evening. I will be blogging daily my discoveries 🙂

You can join for free at anytime, today is day 1. Finding Security

Chopra Meditation Centre

Day 1—Finding Security

The flow of life is composed of various streams of energy . . . our impulses for security, happiness, power, love, creativity, insight, and self-actualization all move together to form our unique life expression. In living this expression, we find our flow—the universal rhythm within that is the infinite source of joy, balance, harmony, and love. We begin our journey by establishing our core sense of security as the stable basis for all the growth to come.

Our centering thought for today is:

My security and peace are within.


I am security.

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