Thank you Hawaii!

EXTREME HAWAIIAN ESCAPES has included the tracks “Happy Now” and “Vietnam” in their recent episode on “TROP” and “SLICE” 🙂

Recent International Programming BIOGRAPHIES for GENESIS, FLIPPING OUT (Episode 306) and PIMP MY RIDE (Episodes 106 & 110) have included the tracks “To God” “Star” “Fade” and “The Only One”!!!

I’m pretty happy 🙂

Life is good even when things are hectic. I’m currently working on an item that involves incredible concentration and dedication. Suffice to say that my life’s challenges are creating a stronger, clearer and peaceful me.

Maya Angelou – “I am very grateful to have been born with a positive attitude. My mother, grandmother and brother told me I was worth getting up and being resilient. In the family you are on the child’s side, you are their support.”

I continue with the Holy Spirit to freedom.


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