International Audio Visual Placement!

I am getting more audio visual/ TV, Cinema & Cable placement! To God from my “Happy Now” album has been placed throughout the international program “One Hour Special” on Genesis!

Biography continues to use “Star” for the Jude Law episode. I recorded “Star” in two different versions. One in major chords with a pop feel. This version is found on the “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” album. I also recorded the song later in minor chords with a more alt rock feel on the “Happy Now” album.

Pimp my Ride and Extreme Hawaiian Escapes continue to use my music. πŸ™‚

Many don’t know that “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is actually my first album that I did not release until after “Happy Now.” I wasn’t completely satisfied with my performance on the first album, although the musicians contribution of talent, as well as the production, was stellar. 8 years later I found myself re-recording some of the tracks with my producer, Vic Levak at Hush Studio’s. I found myself appreciating the updated feel to the album and at peace with my contribution, I released it in 2011.

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