Heidi Vincent and Dorinha Jeans Wear

A short short tale of two friends who happen to be artists.

In 2002 I was on set waiting for filming to start again and struck up a conversation with an acting colleague. She was Brazilian 🇧🇷 sweet, sincere and beautiful. We connected with music, being entrepreneurs, empowerment and sharing stories of life.

Two years later I had just released my first EP under my name, Heidi Vincent, and was set to play the Point Roberts Music Festival with some pretty amazing and talented musicians. Dorinha had just signed a contract with Below the Belt with Dorinha Jeans Wear and her “The Original One Inch Zipper.” In this picture circa 2004, I was hanging at her warehouse in Vancouver, BC.

We laughed, we were hamming it up and there was clearly some cross pollination and fun promotion of our talents in music and design here ❤️ Women Who Empower Each Other

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