Richards on Richards Vancouver, BC. πŸ•‹ 🎢 “Stay If You Want To” 🎢

It’s always exciting to play larger clubs with good sound and although this show ended up being similar to a rehearsal, it was great to play. 🎡🀍🎢🀍🎡 These musicians are some of the most talented, amazing people. πŸ₯° Blessed! 🀩

I remember one of my favourite bands, @TeaParty, or @BigWreck were playing a music festival downtown Vancouver BC that night.

Drums @DayvidSwart πŸ₯ Guitars @MarkWatson 🎸 & @KevinBosch 🎸 Base @KevinFulton 🎸 Vocals @HeidiVincent πŸŽ™

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