Live at the “King Eddy!”

Built in 1905, second phase in 1910 on 9th ace SE, Calgary, the King Edward Hotel “King Eddy” @kingeddyyyc was Calgary’s oldest blues bar. 🎼

I played some of my originals off the Happy Now album here in 2001-2002 ish prior to it closing. 🎵📢🎤🎹🪕 The house band were the nicest and some of the most talented musicians around ❤️

It was an awesome experience considering the history and that some of my ancestors could have gone here to dance and or listen to music.

In 2013 the hotel underwent a rejuvenation project, taken apart brick by brick and preserved in storage. Then put back together, even the front steps.

The King Eddie is now part of the $168M National Music Center. Maybe I will get to sing there again 🎤


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