1050 m, 4.3 km. 💥❄️☃️ Training Day.

Went snowshoeing today. I jogged the entire loop! Fell once and tripped a lot at first but got the hang of it!

I usually post my fitness activity on my personal training @hvultimatefitnessnutrition page 👊🏼 it was a beautiful day ❄️☃️☀️ and a new success, I’m sharing with you all as well. I only missed my daughter with me this time ❤️

Find something that inspires you. Today I resonated with the current UFC Bantamweight Champion, @venezuelanvixen 👊🏼 recent statement on her win 🥇 “Willpower, Strength & Determination they will get you places.” It’s stuck in my mind.

Love Heidi💕

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