I promised you a short clip of “Dear ADHD” – Here it is!

My new single “Dear ADHD” 🌟 is available December 1, 2022! Eeek! 🎶🎙️💕

Meet me HERE to presave your copy! ➡️ https://linktr.ee/HeidiVincent 

“Dear ADHD” was really hard to write for me. I’m not used to being this open and discussing my anxiety & insecurities in such detail. 🎼

I struggle a lot with ADHD. 💯 I struggle with feeling that I’m not enough in this world. I struggle with shame & rejection. Equally so, I know I am brighter than the world can see. Not only an intellectual level, but I have an immense feeling of brightness inside, of Hope. If I could just open up, the world would see my value and past my symptoms. 

I wrote “Dear ADHD” to give a small tour of some of the experiences with ADHD. I wrote it to let you know the experiences we have in the world and how we compensate or just deal, like masking. I want to create awareness of how serious and negative ADHD & its comorbidities can affect people like us. I acknowledge ADHD’s beauty too! I’m so very grateful for the positive characteristics of it such as creativity, thinking laterally & unconventionally, hyper focus & multitasking.

“Dear ADHD” has become one of my favourite and most imperfectly perfect songs I’ve created. There were other ways to approach the song but it is what I created in those moments.

Meet me HERE to presave your copy! ➡️ https://linktr.ee/HeidiVincent

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