Heidi Vincent Cover – In The Pines 🎶

Quite literally one of my favourite, traditional American 🇺🇸 bluegrass/blues folk songs “In the Pines”, also known as “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”, “My Girl” and “Black Girl.”

The authorship is unknown & dates approximately to the 1870s. Originating in the Southern Appalachians of the 🇺🇸 (Eastern Tennessee, Kentucky, Western North Carolina & Northern Georgia, this haunting song touched my heart from the first time I heard it as a child in my grandparents home. I had heard the Lead Belly version initially.

It has been recorded by a lot of artists like Lead Belly, Bill Monroe & Nirvana to mention a few. I have mixed up the Nirvana version with a little bit of the the Sleigh Bells version.

This video is my 4th or 5th attempt at playing the song but I am impulsive, with ADHD, and put it out. I am not great at playing guitar and singing at the same time, my vocals are my instrument mainly. I think I’ll keep practising this song and try again later. 🎶💃🏻💥

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2 thoughts on “Heidi Vincent Cover – In The Pines 🎶

  1. Sounds great Heidi, i can hear your understanding of the tune as you cover it….your own tunes are really well written, and you truly have the ability to tell a story, write hooks, and sing. Youve made it long ago with those two albums, and its nice to see you enjoying the art

    1. Thank you so much David! What a great way to start my day! ☀️ You rock🕺🏻🎶 I so happy that you familiar with my previous albums.

      Do you have a favourite of any of my music?
      Do you like any Traditional Folk/Americana/Bluegrass?
      What is one of your favourite artists/songs in the genre?

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