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Click HERE to hear me and several other musicians for March 6 on 100.5 FM.

Listen to SHE-BOOM 2:30-4pm Mondays. The latest and greatest women in music. Featuring all female artists, from local to international, that means me!

Thank you Mark Bignall! Live Streaming HERE

Support our local radio stations, who support our local community including our local musicians!

Become a member of the Coop Radio 100.5. Then, become a member of their sister company that profiles various charities to be a part of “www.canadahelps.org

If I can do it, so can you!

“A vibrant democracy depends on community access to a broad range of information, perspectives and voices. Vancouver Co-op Radio tells the untold stories, showcases local artists and musicians, and covers issues and events from the perspectives of the social movements involved in addressing them. Co-op Radio stays on the air through the support of listeners like you.” Coop Radio


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