“Motivation – What drives you?”

My journey in life has brought me here to you. 

I have shared the creations of my music from beginning to end with people who have so much talent and who made it so enjoyable, I am forever grateful. I have been blessed.

We are always expanding our consciousness through our dreams, our faith and hard work. I work hard at my faith. It is quite a battle of the mind. I will not give up pursuing my goals.

This blog is expressly to share inspiration, positive thoughts and ideas with you.I have a genuine care for your life, yes you, to be created and lived in positivity, success and love.

I want you to succeed and be joyful and share your story. I believe we are here with a purpose. What is yours?

I am currently working at a children’s book, it will become a reality. I will dedicate it to my daughter Truly Vincent.

“Dream Big, Work Hard”

Click link below for a video of PHENOMENAL inspiration.

What drives you? 

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