Heidi Vincent music is now on IG, FB & TikTok 🎶

Eeeeek! 🥳🎶💞 Heidi Vincent music is now on IG, FB & TikTok 🎶 I’d love to see your most creative TikTok, IG or FB story/post video with any song off either of Heidi Vincent albums “Happy Now” or “Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” Post it and tag me ❤️ I will post it on my platformsContinue reading “Heidi Vincent music is now on IG, FB & TikTok 🎶”

In The Pines – 1870

Keeping up challenging myself to sing live without being perfect. It’s one of my favourite songs. I really hope y’all enjoy it. #guitarhack

Please Please Please

Please Please Please #comforttodiscomfort #goals #enjoy #newthings #imperfect #unapologetic #nocensor #harmony #singer #music #guitarhack #breakthrough #live #thesmiths @morrissey @Johnnymarr @andyrourke @mikejoyce

Music Video – “To God”

On May 20 this year I posted a blog on the “behind the scenes” of my song “To God”. I write songs with a vision, a movie if you will, of what the song is about and I shared this vision on the blog which you can find here. The song was part of theContinue reading “Music Video – “To God””

Whitbeck Cameo – ADD

I recently received a call from a good friend, musician, producer and songwriter, Whitbeck, to cameo in a new song of his. It’s called A.D.D. which was written while in quarantine. Many local musicians, singers and artists are in the video! See if you can spot me! lol I had a lot of fun doingContinue reading “Whitbeck Cameo – ADD”

New Website Platform for Heidi Vincent Music 🎶

New Site for Heidi Vincent Music 🎼

“Motivation – What drives you?”

My journey in life has brought me here to you.  I have shared the creations of my music from beginning to end with people who have so much talent and who made it so enjoyable, I am forever grateful. I have been blessed. We are always expanding our consciousness through our dreams, our faith andContinue reading ““Motivation – What drives you?””

Heidi Vincent Music on Biography

Biography Channel has been using my song “Star” for the JUDE LAW episode for over a year now! Another SOCAN deposit today. Thank you SOCAN! Thank you Biography! Thank you creativity! I’m looking for a creative project where I can sing, co-write and play out around. Message me if you have a such an opportunity!

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