Some talk, Some Do 💗

What a fabulous way to end the day. 💗 I was on my husbands custom Harley 🏍️ filming insta360 camera clips of a music video for one of my newest songs about to release! I miscalculated how much time it was going to take, didn’t anticipate the short visit to Abbotsford hospital to see myContinue reading “Some talk, Some Do 💗”

Going to be FUN creating a music video

Locked Owwwwwt! 🤣💕🌸

When packing, always do a dummy check. WHERE ARE MY KEYS! ❤️‍🔥🎶😂🎙️ Let me know if you’ve ever locked yourself out, tell me the story, I wanna hear it! I am working on a music video for Dear ADHD! 🎥 Follow me on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, any of the streaming platforms and socials ~Continue reading “Locked Owwwwwt! 🤣💕🌸”

Throwback Thursday! Black Limousine 🚓 (no limo emoji)

This was a great photo shoot at Lacarno Beach in #vancouverbc #vancouver for the follow up album “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” Jerry Wong, Keith MacKenzie, Vic Levak and me “being cool.” 🤩🤣🌸 The song your listening to; “Black Limousine” played in rotation on Sirius XM, thanks to DJ/Programmer Seth Neiman I remember getting an emailsContinue reading “Throwback Thursday! Black Limousine 🚓 (no limo emoji)”

This Is My Vietnam!

3 brand new songs about to be released very soon 🧨 🎙️I put my heart & soul into them. I really hope you like them. 💗 Stay vigilant, the latest songs are on their way! 🎶 💗 Please follow me on Spotify ~ Call me if you get lost! 📞 In the meantime,,,, This isContinue reading “This Is My Vietnam!”

Spotify’s Playlist Features,,, Me!

Well this is cool! Spotify & I are getting acquainted while we wait for the new songs to be released! 🎤  The playlist below, 8 of my songs and some really amazing artists, seem to be on the 2nd type of Spotify playlist – “Personalized Streams.” It’s an algorithmic data driven playlist with human suggestions/recommendationsContinue reading “Spotify’s Playlist Features,,, Me!”

Zach & Nathalie want you to listen 🎧🎼🎙️

✨ I’ve got two brand new songs coming your way! 🎙️ I’ll be announcing release dates soon! Keep an Eye Out for My New Music Releases, Stay vigilant, the latest songs are on their way! 🎶 Call me if you get lost!📞 In the meantime Zach and Natalie want you to check out this tuneContinue reading “Zach & Nathalie want you to listen 🎧🎼🎙️”

Cover Time – It’s a Heartache

One of my Mom’s favourite songs was “Its a Heartache” by Bonnie Tyler. She drove Cat or Komatsu Mining Dump Trucks (bigger than rigs) at Afton Mining Company, Kamloops as a 21 year old. She was doing her best as a single Mom in the 70’s when this song came out. We rocked out toContinue reading “Cover Time – It’s a Heartache”

I beg your pardon,,, 🎶

I used to sing this song growing up in #kamloops, BC. We lived in Dallas on the #thompsonriver. I would walk around the sagebrush in the backwoods and sing like no one was listening. I was in my own little world imagining myself on the Grand Ole Opry stage, or some other amazing venue. IContinue reading “I beg your pardon,,, 🎶”