Recording “Happy Now” in Vancouver, BC

The creation of “Happy Now” the album was a spectacular experience. I was honoured to work with some of the best musicians, producers, studio’s and crew. There is something so special about recording music. You have a chance to explore all the avenues of how you feel the song should sound. All art is a collaborative adventure and you synergize with the artists involved, the sounds, the very art itself. The process of creation is consuming, there is a innate, primal drive to get to a place of perfection even though perfection does not exist but to the listeners ears. But together, you reach a point where the perfect satisfaction of the sound, the feel and the expression of the song is achieved. This was the case for me with the album “Happy Now.”

When you work with great people the entire experience is incredible and it never feels like a chore or job. Shawn “Sensei” Cole, who Recorded, Produced, Engineered & Mixed “Happy Now” at his studio “Lab Monkey Studio” off Commercial Drive was such a wonderful soul to work with creatively. The Drums & Base were recorded at John McLean’s studio “The Factory” on 7th Ave in Vancouver. He was always smiling, polite, interested and charming. Everything else was recorded at “Lab Monkey Studios.” Drums were played by Wayne Stadler, Bass was Dave Lettinga, Guitars were Mark Watson and Vocals and Acoustic Guitars done by me.

Additional musicians were Shawn Cole who played synth and did some Programming on Lullabye, Let It All Out and To God. Gord Hillier did some Programming on Lullabye. Vic Levak added violins to Lullabye and the three of them brought Lullabye, a very simple pop song, to a whole new level of wonderful in my heart.

Chris Grigor and Corinne Kessel (Los Furious) lent their awesomely “furious” Horns to Cool, Vietnam and Let It All Out. Jerry Wong who is as stupendous as a musician as he is a human, played Wurlitzer and Keys on Cool, Shape I’m In and To God. Trent Gauthier played some wickedly grungy guitars on To God and All The Same. “Analog” Steve, Sheldon Zaharko, Hans Seyffrth, Josh Grimley & Travis P, also contributed to the album.

I’ve got more music and song in me for another album and hopefully I’ll be able to work with a dream team like these talented people again. Time will tell 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend and if you’d like to take a listen to an extraordinary memory in my heart & mind, listen, really listen, to some people in creative synergy. Happy Now, the song was one of my favourite collaborations on the album, listen here Happy Now and check out the pictures of the recording in the photos section.


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