Annie Git Yer Gun

I was lucky to have met some pretty cool American 🇺🇸 friends a while back while training in a stunt school. They taught me to shoot a number of different weapons, including a type of hand gun used in Desert Storm. Picture below. If you could name It I’d be pretty happy! I can’t remember the name of it. Kickback!

My favourite was that, one of the Glocks, short barrel shotgun and a Civilian M16. I have a list somewhere of each weapon I shot, it was quite the day!

I was familiar with weapons and wild animals because I spent a considerable amount of time with my paternal Grandfather, George Vincent. He was a Conservation Officer for 25 years after being a pilot in WWII. I went with him on numerous relocation adventures (Grizzly & Black Bear) in Golden BC.

This trip the class spent the whole weekend at this gentleman’s ranch shooting over 40 weapons for film experience.

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