Be The Change You Want To See – Ghandi

I have to echo what my dear friend Jody Quine has posted with respect to sharing personal things in life on facebook and yet focusing on sharing an authentic experience with you. I will echo as well her thoughts on trying to find her path and illuminating something positive to pass on. In her experience and thoughts today, I am in complete understanding.

That being said, although you all are not aware of some of the tremendous challenges I am facing, I am trying to shine, to blog something of value that your day or thoughts even in that moment are affected in a positive way.

I am in a process right now of massive change. I am letting go of fears, working on trust and faith, gripping my hopes and dreams, making steps and taking action on the things I need to do each day to be a better mother, a stronger woman and all the while combating severely negative attacks of the most grotesque manner. 

Here is my thought right now. I know who I am (who I’ve always been) and I am trying to work out how to let her out, how to let go of my learned fears and be AMAZING! The person I was meant to be. It’s a constant battle. A battle of the mind to re-frame negative to positive, fear to trust every second of every day and every situation. I am forcing my mind to trust that all good things are coming to me each and every moment, many of them are here right now.

My HOPE is that no matter what happens to me, what people say about me, what people do to me and or my daughter, WE WILL rise above and SHINE (as Jody) states. When I shine I can do more for Truly, for my family and for you.

My HOPE is to achieve more success every day in turning down the negative until it is dissolved or until I can achieve turning it to light in mere seconds with my faith and knowledge that we are loved.

So here is my offer, focus on changing yourself today. Change yourself from what you have become in apathy, ambivalence or fear into what you were born to be, who you really are, AMAZING!

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