My Birthday 2014

After all my Birthday wishes and love today via phone, here on my official website and on Facebook, I must say; “Life is good.” To my love, Simon Posener, I love you for all that you are.

Thank you all for the wishes, I am touched and extremely grateful for your moments and your thoughts. I wish for all of you each and everyday (not just birthdays) to experience true kindness and love. 

We are not just social media friends, we are a community who, at the tip of our fingers can reach out and contact each other to meet up, organize surprise events, share funny or serious interests, share music, art or literature, say hi to each other briefly or just creep around lol 

I love your comments, the pictures you send, your inner most thoughts you share, I like reading about your experiences as they give me insight to who you are and perhaps ideas as to what I can do to simulate the joy you have given others. 

I am working on my 5 “pay it forward people.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look down my music Facebook timeline to January 22, 2014. Perhaps you received the post yourself. I am closer to choosing my random gift for “you’s.” 

Time to do a quick “week ahead” prep! 

Love you all, 
Dream Big, Work Hard

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