The Power of Positivity

All of us have the privilege and responsibility of choosing our attitudes, no matter what the circumstances or situations we find ourselves in. The key word is “choosing.” Attitudes don’t just happen, they are the products of our choices. Joyce Meyer – Power Thoughts I am loving this book. I have watched many of Joyce’sContinue reading “The Power of Positivity”

My Birthday 2014

After all my Birthday wishes and love today via phone, here on my official website and on Facebook, I must say; “Life is good.” To my love, Simon Posener, I love you for all that you are. Thank you all for the wishes, I am touched and extremely grateful for your moments and your thoughts. IContinue reading “My Birthday 2014”

Be The Change You Want To See – Ghandi

I have to echo what my dear friend Jody Quine has posted with respect to sharing personal things in life on facebook and yet focusing on sharing an authentic experience with you. I will echo as well her thoughts on trying to find her path and illuminating something positive to pass on. In her experienceContinue reading “Be The Change You Want To See – Ghandi”

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