Vietnam – Behind the Scenes

I love music. I love creating music and watching a song grow from simple chords and lyrics to layers of instruments and sounds, it is an absolute honour and joy! It’s especially exciting when other bands and musicians gift their talent to your project. The band was Wayne Stadler (drums), Dave Lettinga (Bass), Mark Watson (guitars) and myself.

When I recorded this song, it was co-produced with Shawn Cole at lab Monkey Studio’s in Vancouver, BC. Shawn is a venerable producer as well as Engineer and Mixer – he did this for the album too πŸ˜‰

Shawn had a relationship with members of the Ska, Reggae, Rock band Los Furios! He invited Corrinne Kessel & Chris Grigor to play horns on Vietnam and the result was an upbeat sassy lift to the song. I love horns and although I wasn’t able to be at the studio when they recorded to meet them, I am very grateful for their stylistic enhancement of coolness. #gratitude

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