Vietnam – Behind the Scenes

I love music. I love creating music and watching a song grow from simple chords and lyrics to layers of instruments and sounds, it is an absolute honour and joy! It’s especially exciting when other bands and musicians gift their talent to your project. The band was Wayne Stadler (drums), Dave Lettinga (Bass), Mark WatsonContinue reading “Vietnam – Behind the Scenes”

So Happy to have won the Dorinha Jeans Contest!

So happy to have been one of the winners of the recent Dorinha Jeans contest!Β  Dorinha is a spectacularly talented designer and Dorinha Jeans Wear is one of the best clothing lines for men and women with respect to cut, fabrics and design! This line will make you look fab!Β  So grateful! I love myContinue reading “So Happy to have won the Dorinha Jeans Contest!”

New Music Photo’s

I’ve just uploaded a few live & promo shot pictures. Check them out in Media then Photo’s.

New Year Evolutions and Developments

Hello My Beautiful’s, which essay writing service is the best So we are back from the Mayan Riviera and settled into life. I miss the smells, the locals, the sand, beaches and palm trees already. I’ve recently been certified as a Personal Trainer to supplement my income. I’ve also just been certified with my newestContinue reading “New Year Evolutions and Developments”

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