A Sneak Peak of my New Song “Criminal”

Here is a little sneak peak behind the scenes in my songwriting. 🎼

I typically just start playing some chords on my guitar “Shellicky” (named after my Mom Shelley & my Nana Mickey).   

Once the lyrics start coming out 🎙️ I record what I’ve got on GarageBand so my ADHD brain won’t forget! And, I keep practicing over the next few weeks to work out the kinks. 

 “Criminal” is 1 of 2 songs set to record late February 2023 @treehousestudio_bowen with @winstonhauschild and I couldn’t be more excited to share this journey with you! 🐲

https://linktr.ee/HeidiVincent for some good vibes music 🎵 

Do you write or play music?

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I write songs and sing. :)

2 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak of my New Song “Criminal”

  1. Nice to see your writing again Heidi. I was listening to your album Happy Now, and just love your tunes…such a great person too

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