My diagnosis that I finally received… as an adult!

⚡ADHD⚡ “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”

The word deficit should really be replaced with “Distraction.” We don’t have an Attention Deficit,,,,,, if we like what’s going on. We have “Attention Distractibility.” If what we are doing brings us joy, then HYPERFOCUS is our super power!

I struggle a lot with ADHD & its comorbidities, diagnosed very late in life. 💯 I WANT to connect to people & create awareness. I want the world to see ADHD’rs value and past the symptoms ☀️

“Dear ADHD” is a small tour of life with ADHD. I hope you find it insightful, I hope you connect, I hope you learn something, I hope you understand the often destructive compensation such as masking. I hope you know you are not alone!

I hope you’re inspired by ADHD, it IS beautiful too! I’m so very grateful for the positive essence of it; such as creativity, thinking laterally & unconventionally, courageous choices, hyper focus & multitasking. 🌼 THIS is me.

This is why I wrote, my latest single “Dear ADHD”

But “Dear ADHD” is not just for me! It’s for all my friends out there that may be quietly suffering, feeling chaotic, confused, ashamed, rejected, alone & living on the fringes of neurotypical people in a neurotypical world.

I AM grateful for people like @margauxjoffe @kaleidoscopesociety who is working so hard to smash the stigma around ADHD & offer support for women & girls with ADHD.

Thank you @kaleidoscopesociety for reposting my song and seeing the potential in my passion project!

Want to hear the whole song, “Dear ADHD“? ⬅️ Click & let me know what you think!

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