Hooray for Airplay!🎙️💃🏻🎶

Well, that was fun! ❤️

Check out this little spot of the airplay segment for my new single “Dear ADHD!” 🎙️🎶🤩

Available on all streaming platforms and all social media for your social’s videos!

Thanks again to Mark Bignell @bandcouver, host of Radio Bandcouver & http://www.coop radio.org.

Go check out the show every Wednesday at 3:30 PM. There was so much great local talent that I really enjoyed like @petuniaandthevipers, @jackgartonmusic & @pokeylafarge just to name a few,,, who I will be checking out in more depth! 🎶💃🏻🎙️

RadioBancouver is Truly a treasure for our “indie starved airwaves!”

@winstonhauschild @treehousestudio_bowen @flaviocirillo7

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