More #heidivincentmusic on the way!

More #heidivincentmusic on the way soon! But while you wait, click the link to download and listen to my new song “Dear ADHD” Heidi Vincent Music 🎶 #dream #big 🎙️🎶💕

More #heidivincentmusic on the way!

More #heidivincentmusic on the way! Maybe a little #criminal song and a #heartbreaker to go? #dream #big 🎙️🎶💕

Adhd be like ,,,,,

Tonight & tomorrow, working on the storyboard for on my music video for the new release “Dear ADHD.” Once I finish this storyboard, my wonderful & talented Video Director @GeneGreenwood will be able to map out the timeline to finish. Then I can advise an offical release date for both! ADHD creativity be like…

From the Attic – Review of Happy Now!

While I wait for my 2 previous albums to upload into the #NEW distribution comp AND in preparation of my new single, “#Dear #ADHD” (release date to be announced), here is a #review of my album “Happy Now” from the Attic – 5 🌟 – Audrey Elliot. Thanks Russ! #🎶#🎙️🌟 See full article at #NewYork,#NYContinue reading “From the Attic – Review of Happy Now!”

New Things – “dear adhd”

My new single “dear adhd” artwork is done! Thank you I love it ☺️ The “dear adhd” release is getting closer! New distribution company, and my first music video to work on with a lovely human & director Gene Greenwood. I am re-focusing on the music video’s #story #board and the organization of theContinue reading “New Things – “dear adhd””

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